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Bachelor's Degree In Development Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies Degree (BA Development Studies) programme is a four-year full time undergraduate degree programme being offered by the Department of Development Studies. The programme aims at ensuring academic excellence in the area of policy analysis, debates, and research.
The programme modules includes Poverty Analysis, Gender and Environment Studies, Agriculture and Rural Development, Human Rights, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research Methods, HIV and AIDS,Industrial Relations, Management and Public Administration, Food Security in Developing countries, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy and Sociology.
During the training, students are introduced among others to the application of concepts, models and theories backed by facts and evidences drawn from Zambia and the globe. In addition, guest lectures and study tours are arranged to enable students become comprehensive analysts in both academic writing and presentations in their specific study areas and research.
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P.O Box: 260410
Tel: 260 212 733201
Cell: 260979233664 | 260968948551
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